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My wife and family have resided in a Kranick Realty & Property Company managed residential property for over six years. Ms. Krasnick, throughout this time, has demonstrated the utmost professionalism and expertise relative to property management. She has consistently combined her talents both adhering to the owners property management objectives, as well as meeting the ongoing needs of the tenant side of the equation.

She exemplifies the coordination techniques that are essential in operating a property management company. These areas include both the handling of the obvious financial elements of property management; however, more importantly coordinates and maintains an inventory of various skilled contract professionals. The result is a extremely well maintained rental property.

As a "renter" working with Ms. Krasnick over the past few years, would encourage any family wishing to rent a residential property to reside in a Krasnick Realty & Property Management run home.

Rick Abrams


I have owned my home in Tucson for 14 years. We had to move away and I rented the property. I have used several property management establishments in the Tucson area and found most to be dishonest. I moved to Krasnick Realty in 2006 and have been very happy with them. Krasnick Realty's professionalism is impeccable and honest. I definitely recommend Krasnick Realty to anyone who wants to rent their home.

Yours Truly,
John Loehner


We have had our investment home cared for, tenants cared for, fast finding of new tenants and overall excellent professional attention to all details by Illa Krasnick. I recommend her work her highly.

Wilfredo Q. Castaño